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Vision Board - Personal


                Honest, Trustworthy, Skilled, Loyal,
                      Innovative Contractors,
                     who build with integrity, 
                  with a passion for the details.

           Healthy, Soft, Beautiful Hair

      Gorgeous, Smooth, Clear Skin

    Super Fresh, Super Healthy, Super Delicious Food,
                             Made with Love



                                         A Nice Ride
Adaptable, Dependable, Comfortable
Six Speaker, Smooth Leather, Sunroof,
                      Artistic Flair

      Free:   Cash Owned           

                      Ayurveda Knowledge

       Reliable, Long-lasting, Convenient Appliances

      Happy, Responsible, Peaceful, Paying
                    Nice Guy Tenants


          A Handsome, Healthy, Honest,
   Brilliantly Wise, Loving, Spiritual Partner

                               A Colorful, 
                    Growing, Healthy, Alive, 
 Peaceful, Joyful, and Inspirational Marine Aquarium
                        Psychic Abilities

              Leisure Time to Relax, Savor and Play

              Hustle Time to Plan, Execute & Get Things Done
   An Elegant, Sophisticated and Luxurious Life
                   Lots of Passive Income

          The Ability to Communicate Profound Wisdom, Humorously.

                 A Simple, Carefree, Life

              Long, Shapely, Tan, Smooth Legs

                                               The Ability to Draw


                     Spontaneous Fun

                                 A Well Dressed Partner

                                Beautiful, Inspiring, Interior Fixtures
                      Abundant, Easy, Roll-out Storage

                                     A Great Wardrobe

                                 A Graceful, Balanced, Dancer's Body


              A Sexy, Curvy, Feminine Body
                                  A Youthful Spirit


                          Lots of Cuddling and Hugs

              Experienced, Knowledgeable,
                    Honest, Hardworking, 
                         Car Mechanics          

                    Beautiful, Colorful, Fragrant,                                Exotic, Lavish Gardens

                    Creative, Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

                                Elegant, Classy Parties

                                  A Round Booty

                                                                 A Flat Tummy

                        A Skinny Waist

                                A Toned Body


                A Father who will always be there.

                      A Loving Mother

             A Free, Creative Childhood

            Healthy Gums, Teeth and a Great Smile

   Physical Strength & Flexibility in Adulthood


                           Sensitive Friends
                   Insightful Wisdom in Youth


  Remembrance of Past/Simultaneous Lives

                   Beautiful Photo Portraits
                            Flowering Porches


               Gorgeous Innovative Flooring
                   Rayon, Silk Fabrics





             Powerful, Healing, Playful Sex

                          Utter Security
            Hot, Healing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing,
                   Refreshing Showers
                                A Full Sense of Who I AM
                          Freckles, moles, age spots and tags 
                peeling off and disappearing.
    A Clean Gut, that effectively clears all toxins from my body.

                          Competent legal services.
     A team of powerful ace attorneys, and courtroom lawyers,
             who understand contracts, keep good records,
                       know the law, and the judge,
              and who's fee, is (relatively) free to me.

                            Music so joyful,
               I dance and/or cry tears of happiness 
     Ultimate Success!   The Luxury of Time
                       A Life of Leisure
                   Embracing my "work boots" and DIY attitude
                            with femininity.