Personality Profile

I am best positioned as:
a idea person, a creator, a positive source, a starter, an entrepreneurial spirit.
a Design, Creative Lead...
I have an extroverted, expansive personality.  I am an energetic promoter. An artist. I love product.  I love inventing.
a Salesperson...I like the freedom to write my own schedule, visit jobsites, and meet new clients. I am stimulated by conversation and travel. 
a Managing Owner/Partner...I am a Driver.  I understand every part of the business of renovation.  I can problem solve and manage others.
Human Resources...I like growing and renovating my own personality. I enjoy being in relationship with others.
I am a team player. An amateur psychologist. Open to change and collective feedback. I am a truth seeker.

Unique Abilities
I have the unique ability to both Manage and Design.  Most people are either one or the other; an analytical, slow paced, detailed problem solver or an extroverted, promoting, fast paced salesperson.  I have the unique ability to consciously change gears and become flexible to the needs of the situation.

High Sales/Low Markdowns
Professional Appearance
Positive Attitude

High frequency...I could slow down a bit and have more patience.
Work/Life Balance...I could benefit from more rest and relaxation.  There is more to life than work.
Serious...I could stand to lighten up a bit.  Life is too short.  I take myself too seriously.
Perfectionist...I am a better quality person when I am understanding, loving, forgiving, and compassionate. 
Know it all...I tend to focus on doing things "right". In retrospect, I am more proud of the times when I genuinely listened and learned from others.
Controlling...I have to remind myself to trust and let go.