A Taurus Friend  (A 9 page reading)












(Pisces, in the middle)

2nd Decan (Gemini) of Aquarius in 1st house (square Mercury): Friendly. Quirky. Day-dreamer. Lack of concentration for higher level education. Fate based on relatives. Needs to reform and re-think ideas about self.

Intercepted sign 1st house: Difficulty in presenting the self image. Difficulty standing for own needs.

Sign of Pisces intercepted in 1st house: (challenging placement) The Pisces in you is suppressed. Difficulty expressing freely, finding spirituality or identifying with subconscious. Trouble discriminating between what is obtainable and what is not. Highest deception is thoughts you have about yourself (1st house).





Ancestral wealth?

Family resources?

Family income?


What do others see of value in you?





1st Decan (Aries) of Aries in the 2nd house: Buys on impulse. Extravagant, spends more than has, urge to shop. Head-strong, frank and pioneering spirit. Desires to rise in the world. Drawn towards Aries (Sun sign) people. Desires to be independent with personal finances. People will pay for your ability to see financial opportunity.

Uranus in Aries: Independent thinker. Inventive and original. Resourceful. Can be a know-it-all, abrupt and rude, regarding other's ideas. Practical in business. Divine wake up call to stop resisting monumental change, and complete upheaval. This resistance tosses you outside comfort zone into unplanned events. Un-encumber your spirit. Needs to improve self-esteem, self-worth, skills and money.

Uranus in 2nd house: Possessions are of paramount importance. Set in ways. Wants to lay down roots. Creative intelligence used for material security and stability. Danger of deriving self worth from things. Associates feelings with possessions. Needs a cozy and luxurious home. Looking for security and comfort. Living on love, is out of the question.

Venus in retrograde: (challenging placement) Difficulty finding right romantic partner. Messes up in relationships. Feels let down by others. Doubts others love. Broken heart leads to fear and insecurity. Questions worthiness. Reserved. Holding back. Constantly thinking, “Is this the right person for me?” Ends up frustrating partner. Reconsiders before expressing love. Inhibited. Highly emotional. Paranoid about losing the things you love. Worries about maintaining external beauty and cash flow. Lesson for this lifetime is to learn how to give and receive affection. You have to be willing to receive, in order to love.

Venus retrograde, “Morning Star”, w/ no other planet between it and the Sun (picking up power of sun): Strong magnetic field. Strong source of manifestation. Wants to project vision and purpose into world. Retrograde means looking inward at self. Too self-sufficient: needs to balance give and take. Learn how to receive. Learn to take care of yourself day to day, love yourself. Very strong emotions. Untraditional, difficult life. This disconnect from the “normal/average” lifestyle promotes deep questioning of beliefs. Search for higher values. Big learning. One who shines light on subconscious. Pioneering. Avant-guard. Way ahead of time. Dedicates life to new ideas. Highly artistic. Truth seeker. Emotionally resilient: extroverted and aggressive courage to face inner fears. Clearly sees unconscious, repressed roots in others. Likes to expose sham and hypocrisy. Destructive, in a good way, shedding baggage. Very deep love union with a female under the Sun sign of Taurus (or Libra), who's unfortunate circumstances inspire you to great insights.

Venus in retrograde Aries: (Hears Aries thoughts in head) “Thanks for nothing! Am I worth being honored or loved for who I am? Am I satisfied? Am I giving more than I am receiving?” Lesson is to slow down and take care of yourself.

Venus in retrograde 2nd house: Time to look at, if you are projecting that which you want to attract. Redo your finances with great care. Wants expressions of love to be tangible, quality, extravagant, and in good taste. Attractive voice. Very artistic. Loves touch and smell. Appreciates things of beauty. Needs a simple, genuine partner (no one mysterious or complex). Needs strong admiration from partner.




Your mind?

How do you think and communicate?

Relationship with siblings?





North Node



This is an important house for you.

1st Decan (Taurus) of Taurus in the 3rd house: Overly involved with short trips and personal errands of everyday life. Plans every move in advance, to make sure trip is as comfortable as possible. Thinks about Taurus stuff: belongings, money and material stuff. Loyal attitude toward siblings, neighbors and school mates. Covets others' stuff.

Sun in Taurus: Wants personal security. Feels threatened easily and severs relationships. Dislikes having to trust others. Stubborn and impervious to change. Much tenacity in projects. Loving and patient. Doesn't like to be rushed. Evaluates everything in terms of tangible worth. Not an abstract thinker. Tactile and sensuous. Addicted to comfort. Appreciates nature and natural things. Cautious. Strong, solid and enduring. Great voice.

Sun in 3rd house: Curious and interested in learning. Good with people. Makes for a good teacher or writer. Excellent communicator. Effectively expresses self. Enjoys sharing knowledge. Drive for mental stimulation and new ideas.

Planetary ruler of 7th house in 3rd house: Communication is everything to you in partnership. Enjoys discussions and chatting. Ideas take shape when talking.

Chiron in Taurus: Childhood rejection. Damaged sense of self-worth. If miserly, will live a life of poverty.

Chiron in the 3rd: Over critical parents producing a child with lack of self-confidence. Discriminated against in youth. Shy, weakened voice. Pain of not being listened to. Problems being understood. Problems with siblings. Shy youth. Fear of being wrong. Learn to admit mistakes.

Jupiter in Taurus: Good luck! Generous and patient. Loves nature. Good with children and animals. Artistically talented. Creates beauty all around them. Enjoys the senses. Great sense of humor. Stable. Good in business. Attracts wealth and success. Green thumb. Homebody who wants to put down roots.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Success in writing and communicating knowledge. Well received. Popular with friends and neighbors.

Planetary ruler of 10th house in 3rd house: Success comes from communicating ideas about whatever is your creative interest: teaching, speaking, writing.

North node in Taurus/3rd house: (indicates where one is stuck) Stuck in security of known. The real challenge is getting out of comfort zone and opening mind. Needs to develop mental abilities and embrace change. Defines self worth by partner's opinion. Wrapped up in needs of others, at expense of own needs. Creates crisis, at expense of peace. Needs to develop self worth from within. Get out. Become active with neighbors.

Mercury in Taurus: Needs a poke to get going, however, they do get there. Slow and deliberate. Sarcastic, funny, and says it like it is. Pleasant voice. Learns by demonstration. Not an abstract thinker. No-nonsense approach.

Mercury exalted in the 3rd house: (great placement!) Cautious, careful, and practical. Naturally curious and a good communicator. Makes good connections. Benefits from siblings. Good at multi-tasking and running short errands. A bit scattered. Fusses about insignificant matters.





Early life?

How did you perceive your parents?



1st Decan (Gemini) of Gemini in the 4th house: Obtains a variety of experiences through parental family. Many changes in home life: moving, full of variety, gossip, road trips or Mother was a busy person with many interests.

End of Life: Remains active with functioning mind until death.

Duplicated sign of Gemini on both 4th and 5th cusps: Extra communication (Gemini) will help solve problems with health routine (intercepted Virgo) and suppressed unconscious (intercepted Pisces). Discussing proposed plans or courses of action will help facilitate action. Or, even talking others into taking action for or with you. Keep talking about it, and maybe you will eventually take action.





How do you like to have fun?




Where do you develop interests?


3rd Decan (Aquarius) of Gemini in the 5th house: Thinks deep and analytically about children. Many hobbies and interests around children. Talented writer and speaker. Desires to obtain a variety of experiences through talents and children.

Children: Very good chances of having children (Gemini in 5th, plus mercury with Jupiter in 2nd house). Fertility for number of children is 22! (Mercury has 9 aspects, Sun has 5, and Moon has 8). Two most favorable aspects for children: Aries, masculine nature (Mercury is sextile with Mars) and Cancer, feminine nature (Mercury is trine with Moon).






What kind of work are you good at?



What skill are you willing to practice and repeat until you master?




2nd Decan (Scorpio) of Cancer in the 6th house: Deeply and emotionally involved in work. Must do work that you like or it hurts your health and causes emotional upset. Conscientious about work. Sensitive to others needs at work. Psychologist, or Realtor. Likes pets and children with/at/for work. Needs to express self through being of service.

Concerning health: Sensitive digestive system (Cancer in 6th).

Pluto in Cancer: Possessive of those they love. Overly protective. Children and animals make them feel needed or wanted. Feels intensely. Difficulty letting go of things and people. Needs own home. Forced to face changes in security.

Pluto in the 6th house: Obsessed with executing the job the “right” way. Obsessed with finding problems that others overlook. Digs deep to get to bottom of problems by thinking and analyzing. Works tirelessly. Fear of criticism. Totally dedicated to being of service. Eruption of health problems causes over-haul of whole diet and lifestyle. Control issues with body. Body needs to rid of toxins and poisons. Life or death struggles with work and/or health.

Mars in Cancer: Passive/aggressive. Vulnerable. Needs mate who is security conscious, thoughtful and understanding. Sensitivity is of utmost importance. Wants to nest and raise children in a good home. Wants a shy and sensitive male partner.

Mars in 6th house: Persistent energy. Prefers to do laborious work by hand. Inordinate amount of hard manual labor. Performs care and needs for nursing and pets. Susceptible to illness from accident or environmental factors: punctures, sharp-edged things, or infection. Partner's job trouble/change/loss effects your health and marriage, and first born child is effected negatively. Careful not to focus all that energy negatively or destructively or adverse reactions are inevitable.

Planetary ruler of 2nd house in 6th house: Income from occupying a subordinate position or doing domestic animal care.





What do you want in a partner?


(Virgo in the middle)


2nd Decan (Sag.) of Leo in the 7th house: Marriage to a domineering partner. Attracted to good looking, fun, popular, playful and dynamic partners. Wants strong partner to run the technical business / finance / household. Wants to be free to express personal interests. Desires to focus energy on partner. Attracted to a partner with Leo and Virgo qualities.

Neptune rules Pisces: Pisces is intercepted in the 1th house (challenging placement): Loses self (1st house qualities) through partner.

Neptune in retrograde in Leo: (challenging placement) Seeks to help others, whether their help is wanted or not. Blames themselves. Feels guilty. Super sensitive. Puts on a tough mask. Feels inhibited by tough world. Super imagination. Spends too much time escaping in head.

Neptune in retrograde in 7th house: (challenging placement) Creates problems with partner. Rigid attitudes challenged in area of (7h house) partnership, marriage, or mate.

Sign intercepted in 7th house: (challenging placement) Creates problems with partner. Too critical and judgmental (Virgo) of partner (7th house).

Sign of Virgo intercepted: (challenging placement) The Virgo in you is suppressed. Difficulty taking care of health, sticking to a daily routine, or mastering any one field.




Transformation?Where is your power?

Joint resources?

What do you what to get to the bottom of?

What are you willing to change?

How deep are you willing to go?

Death? Loss?

Adopted Children?


1st Decan (Libra) of Libra in the 8th house: Needs to bring balance to power struggles and sex life.

Ruler of 8th house (Mercury for Virgo) is in 6th house: In order to transform, needs to be healthy and in service. Learns about self by being of service to others.

Concerning Death: Grace in dying. Easy and painless passing. Guardian angels around. No suffering. Dies in sleep or views passing as a positive transition.




Expansiveness?What is your philosophy?


Attitude on life? Purpose?




1st Decan (Scorpio) of Scorpio in the 9th house: Expands by interacting with powerful people and creating powerful experiences. Wealth. Speaks the truth. Money gain from travel. Energy to heal others. Desires to get deeply involved with a purpose and find a direction.

South Node in Scorpio/9th house: (needs to expand here): Life's lesson is to become expansive. Probe far and wide, or deep and courageous, to confront and understand meaning of life for you. Longs for close bonding. Intimate relationship only comes when you master yourself.







Social status?





1st Decan (Sag.) of Sagittarius in the 10th house: Needs to expand knowledge into a career.

Duplicated of Sagittarius on both 10th and 11th cusps: Travel and wisdom (Sag) will help solve problems with health routine (intercepted Virgo) and suppressed unconscious (intercepted Pisces). Read, study and inform yourself about fears. Awareness is the first step and 50% of the answer. Get out, explore and observe how other people handle your issues.








What role do others, friends and groups play in your life?

Results of Efforts?

Adopted Children?

Step Children?




Sagittarius in the 11th house: Natural friendliness. Luck with friends. Popular. Enthusiastic and fun loving. Enjoys travel and different groups of friends. Socially extroverted. Groups help you expand. Inspired to great accomplishments. Will come to enjoy and have access to wealth. Desires to expand knowledge with friends, in groups.

Concerning children: Saturn in 11th limits number of children and prevents adopted, or stepchildren.

Ruler of Sagittarius (Jupiter) in 3rd house: Attractive, well settled with friends, and defends siblings.

Saturn in retrograde in the 11th house: (challenging placement) Fear of no support. Tries to get peeps on board with private agenda. Shy in groups, and selects friends carefully. Here to learn to select friends (11th house) who are positive and challenge you to be your best, instead of losers who give you a feeling of superiority.

Saturn in retrograde in Capricorn (worst placement: Victim of Abuse): Abused by people of influence (financial/authority/power). Persecuted, unfairly. Challenged by Father. Might learn to feel inhibited, inadequate or unworthy. Set personal boundaries. Confront things that threaten you. Will work hard for personal income. Needs to learn to accept small gains in the long process of success. Needs to address security issues. Don't cut corners. Be patient.







What is the truth about your inner core?

What does your ascendant try to cover up?



2nd Decan (Taurus) of Capricorn in the 12th house: Needs to stop seeking personal or public recognition/status with church/spiritual connections.

Moon in Capricorn: Reserved. Stable. Doesn't move unless on solid ground. Practical. Worries. Finds it hard to relate to those with different opinions and unwilling to understand their needs. Unable to discuss own problems. Strong fear of rejection. Feels insecure. Slow to trust. Ambitiously dedicated to getting their own way. Strong willed. Harbors anger, causing illness and depression. Misses joy in relationships (outside of animals and children). Believes relationships are emotionally crippling.

Moon regarding children: Capricorn (Saturn) delays children.

Moon in the 12th house (challenging placement): Intense shame of childhood. Symbolically, the author hidden in the attic. Has a cross to bear. Keeps vulnerability hidden. Deep subconscious suppressions. Un-lived life of troubled mother: hospitalized, institutionalized, emotionally distant or made many sacrifices. Develops distressed child. Child has to mother, the mother. Long journey required for self-awareness, humility and spiritual responsibility. Potential for big learning. Selfless giving helps you to heal. Share your secret self, so you can heal. Teach others what you have learned from your suffering.

Ascendant overcompensations for 12 house core: Pretends to be open, people loving and friendly (Aquarius) but at his true core, is willing to work hard for social status and financial compensation (Capricorn).


Goal in life?

Potential fame?

Mother's influence?


Mid-heaven in Sagittarius 10th house:

Jupiter (Ruler of Sag) is in 3rd house: Success and pleasure are obtained by gaining knowledge about your purpose and direction (Sag) by thinking and talking about it with others (3rd house).

First Decan Dominant (majority of signs, start within first 10 degrees of sign): Physical aptitude, vitality and practicality.

Outstanding Aspects:

Conjunct is most powerful aspect (within 10 degrees).

Sun is conjunct Chiron: Ability to help others with creative self-expression. Low self-image. Lack of self-worth. Increased sensitivity to criticism.

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter: Talks a lot! Open, enthusiastic, and expressive with wit. Exaggerates. Subtlety is not your strong point. Loves to entertain by story telling. Loves to spread information. Glosses over details, focuses on big picture. Procrastinator.

Mercury is conjunct North Node: Must keep mind active to stay healthy. Exercise your brain power. Good at articulating.

Mars is conjunct Pluto: Stamina and endurance. Strength and determination. “Whatever will be, will be.” is not your motto. You can out-maneuver anyone. All or nothing attitude. Stubborn when pushed. Holds onto resentments. Hard time letting go.

Jupiter is conjunct North Node: Socially popular, good fellowship, and active participation at church and school.

Opposition (170-190 degrees) is second most powerful aspect.

Moon is opposite Mars: Precocious, animated and passionate. Excitable energy. Blunt and easily worked up. Projects a tough image, but actually thin skinned. Many conflicts in relationships.

Moon is opposite Pluto: Feels intensely. Holds deep seated resentments. Holds guilt eternally. Must learn to forgive. Strong urge to share inner most feelings, but simultaneous desire to control them. Craves deep belonging and intimacy, yet controlling, game-playing and manipulating nature sabotages it. Consumed by fear of loss, rejection and betrayal. Rarely reveals vulnerabilities. Hostile and hateful. Sulks, broods and lashes out. Then, baffled when alienates others. Men feel vulnerable around you. Children feel claustrophobic.

Mercury is opposite Mid-heaven: Problems communicating with authority. Needs to get organized and clean up clutter.

Trine (120 degrees) is next most influence of harmony:

Sun trine Saturn: Loyal, responsible, and trustworthy. Cautious with finances. Takes their time. No patience for those who take foolish risks.

Moon trine Mercury: Makes easy conversation. Common sense. Attracted to poetry. Talent in imaginative and expressive writing. Wonderful listener: picks up others' feelings and body language readily. Enjoys talking.

Moon trine Jupiter: Realistic. Quick with humor. Warm and fun. Tolerant. Good hunches. Believes in goodness of people. Attracts good people and circumstances.

Moon trine North Node: Great instincts about public trends and social currents.

Moon trine Chiron: Profound understanding of healing process, however, must start with self. Excellent ability to grasp holistic principles.

Venus trine Saturn: Stable, long-term and committed. Not a risk taker. Cautious with promises because feels obligated to follow-through. Practical. Sense of responsibility toward loved ones. Good judgment. Sensitive to needs of others. Good parent. Encourages children to develop individuality. Wants mutual respect and loyalty in relationship.

Venus trine Neptune: Rich imagination. Romantic, creative, and gentle. Drawn to beauty. Giving and generous. Compassionate.

Saturn trine Neptune: Good balance between realism and intuition. Good at spotting profitability.

Saturn trine Chiron: Learning to let go of regrets is a major theme. Face up to your responsibilities, follow the rules, be humble and gain a sense of purpose.

Uranus trine Mid-heaven: Practical. Good timing.

Sextile (60 degrees) is next influence in harmony:

Mercury sextile Mars: Mind never rests. Loves to learn. Firm in decisions. Means what you say. Direct communicator. Great conversationalist and writer. Ability to make good decisions quickly.

Mars sextile Jupiter: Lightning verbal responses. Loves to spar. Dramatic delivery. Straightforward. Respect for those who stand firm on convictions. Wants honesty and integrity. Needs mentally strong partner to keep up with you.

Mars sextile North Node: Good timing. Able to get peeps to cooperate in your endeavors.

Jupiter sextile Pluto: Penetrating mind and intuition. Spiritual channel. Optimistic. Benefits from spiritual exploration. Serves selflessly. Supports those who are mistreated.

Uranus sextile Ascendant: Ingenious ideas. Fascinated by novelty. Creative original mind. Dislike of routine jobs. Extremely reliable hunches. Genius at finding sources of revenue. New interests each day.

Square (90 degrees) is stress. However, superior planet will dominate.

Sun square Ascendant: You unknowingly say things that cause others to react negatively. Comes on too strong. Inability to face facts about self. Ready for resistance and frustration. Attitude offends people. Lots of energy. Don't try to take everything on alone.

Moon square Venus: Replaces love with food and shopping. Hungers affection: lustful and sensual. Feels as though they do all of the compromising in relationship to keep peace, and builds resentment. Charmed by the idea of being genuinely liked and appreciated.

Mercury square Neptune: Busy, wandering mind. Exceptionally imaginative. Stretches the truth. Reads people well. Bored with dull. Detailed work not for you. Gives up on projects before they begin.

Mercury square Ascendant: Offends people. Nervous energy. Stop talking about your problems with your partner, or anyone who will listen, as this will cause damage to the relationship.

Venus square Mars: Driven by sex life. Highly creative. Prone to love/hate relationships. Turbulence over sex. Relationships have some level of anger, frustration and competitiveness. Gives and receives abuse. Learn to express personal magnetism with love and respect, instead of domineering or submissive extremes. Balance your masculine/feminine energy.

Venus square Pluto: Manipulative. Learn self-worth. Become less concerned how you appear, and more concerned about how you are being.

Jupiter square Neptune: Awkward social skills when young. Creative. Strong desires, passion, and sexual drive. Prone to love-hate relationships. Turbulence in intimate relationships over differences in sexual desires. Level of anger towards relations with opposite sex.

Jupiter square Ascendant: Self indulgent to the extreme. Big ideas. Willing to work hard to achieve objectives, so you can enjoy the comforts and benefits you denied yourself in pursuing goals. Tendency to take on too much. Big heart: can be taken advantage of. Knows how to fraternize with important people. Tendency to overstate or understate intentions, which offends people or goes unnoticed.

Saturn square Uranus: Explosive with restraints that appear to prevent independence. Radical, disruptive and violent against perceived limitations. Stems from fear of leaving familiar because inwardly insecure. Work on slow ongoing transformations, because sudden shifts are likely to leave you with a loss of how to manage.

Uranus square Pluto: Time bomb: denies self opportunity for change and growth and internal pressures burst.

Neptune in 7th house square Mid-heaven: Extreme insecurity and self doubt. Places partners needs before own. If partner becomes ill, you become drained from co-dependency. If partner has low self-esteem, you will sabotage your own career. If partner is gifted, you will not feel worthy of your career. Stay away from negative, angry people. You suffer too easily from this exposure.

Retrogrades (Things we are here to work on, and didn't get right in last lifetime):

Venus retrograde: Difficulty in finding the right partner. Here to learn how to love and be loved. Giving and receiving affection.

Saturn in retrograde: Feels not good enough. Feels inadequate. Hides fear. Over-disciplines self.

Neptune in retrograde: Feels guilty. Blames self when things go wrong. Sensitive inside, tough outside mask.

These planets in retrograde form a perfect trine.

Houses with planets in retrograde:

2nd Lessons about possessions.

7th Lessons about relationships.

11th Lessons about friends.