An Aries Friend  (A Sample 9 page reading)

Outstanding Aspects (How the planets relate to one another.)

Second Decan Dominant (majority of signs, start in middle, 20-30 degrees, of sign): Mental ability, mental activity, logical mind, and curiosity.

Conjunct = most powerful aspects (within 10 degrees).

Sun conjunct Mercury: Great speaker! Strong need to take an active role in communication. Strong opinions. Independent thinker. Learns better when reading, rather than listening. (Not good at hearing others.) Much pride invested in intellectual capacities.

Mars conjunct Chiron: The warrior! Immovable object meets irresistible force. Strong desire to take action. Drawn to military. Does not count on others to rescue them. Takes leadership positions and may become the dictator.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Creative and imaginative. Don't be afraid to promote your good ideas.

Jupiter conjunct North Node: Socially popular, good fellowship, and active participation at church and school.

Neptune conjunct North Node: Aspirations for inspiring others to merge collectively.

Opposition = (170-190 degrees) is second most powerful aspects.

Sun opposite Mercury: Gets bogged down with the details in communicating. Misrepresents self or intentions. Forced to deal with others who don't share same perspective.

Sun opposite Jupiter: Overdoes things. Over promises. Lives beyond means. Needs to learn self-control and follow-through.

Sun opposite Neptune: Doesn't want to be ordinary. Strong urge to glamorize role. Daydreams about being important. Sensitive ego. Struggles with defining the self, comes from a distant/absent father figure (did not feel important enough to Dad, so seeks to be important to the world).

Sun opposite North Node: Major circumstances will deny you the opportunity or resources for creative self-expression. Obstacles will make it difficult to achieve what you really desire.

Moon opposite Mid-heaven: Happiness comes from seeking a career with emotional satisfaction.

Mercury opposite Jupiter: Jumps to conclusions too soon. Overestimates what capable of. Exaggerates. Vacillate between logical and precise.

Mercury opposite Neptune: Imaginative, creative and intuitive. Stretches the truth. Dramatizes, bored with the dull. Not into logical, detailed work.

Mars opposite Pluto: Overbearing qualities. Heavy hand. Very competitive. Expects a foe at every corner. Desires to control others. Unemotional about sex. Arrogant. Ruthless. Sudden beginnings and endings. Prone to accidents.

Pluto opposite Chiron: Painful experiences in childhood. Inner turmoil. Seeks power as an adult, because did not feel powerful as a child. Attracts other people in life (work and home) who are also learning about power issues. It is time to deal with these issues, so you can heal yourself and help others.

Trine = (120 degrees) is next most influence of harmony:

Sun trine Saturn: Loyal, responsible, and trustworthy. Cautious with finances. Takes their time. No patience for those who take foolish risks.

Sun trine Pluto: Ability to focus on a goal. Quick to help others. Unlikely law breaker. Very self protective. Ambitious and does not want an ordinary life. Watch tendency to become power-hungry and dominating.

Moon trine Uranus: Fond of unconventional people and encourages others to be themselves. Spontaneous and funny.

Moon trine Ascendant: Ready to make sacrifices for career. Defers marriage for education and career. Much pleasure from creative expression.

Mercury trine Saturn: Strong powers of orderliness. Direct communicator, to the point. Good at making plans. Skeptical: a “doubting-Thomas”.

Mercury trine Pluto: Great problem solver. Very versatile. Interested in all security issues from cops and robbers to national security.

Venus trine Neptune: Rich imagination. Romantic, creative, and gentle. Drawn to beauty. Giving and generous. Compassionate.

Mars trine Jupiter: Loves intellectual competition. Loves to win a debate. Tremendous resources to achieve goals. Prone to boredom.

Jupiter trine Chiron: Brilliant, wonderful and successful!

Saturn trine Pluto: Desire to accomplish. Manifests projects. Focused effort with consistency. Strength of purpose.

Uranus trine Ascendant: Creative talent. Ingenious ideas. Must be free. Optimistic. A loner. A rebel. Needs an intellectual partner.

Sextile = (60 degrees) is next influence in harmony:

Sun sextile Mars: Competitive, powerful energy. Believes in fair play. Breaking the rules is upsetting. High control on their desires.

Sun sextile Chiron: Looked upon favorably, because projects self with respect.

Mercury sextile Mars: Mind never rests. Loves to learn. Firm in decisions. Means what you say. Direct communicator. Great conversationalist and writer. Ability to make good decisions quickly.

Mercury sextile Chiron: Experiences spiritual healing.

Mars sextile Saturn: Endurance and perseverance. Knows how to achieve goals by steady progress. Good at planning a strategy and sticking to it. Builds secure life with little risk.

Jupiter sextile Saturn: Reservoir of information. Considers all knowledge useful. Skilled at planning. Determined to grow. Insists on lawfulness. Prides self on ethical practices. Especially concerned with mismanagement.

Jupiter sextile Pluto: Penetrating mind and intuition. Spiritual channel. Optimistic. Benefits from spiritual exploration. Serves selflessly. Supports those who are mistreated.

Saturn sextile Chiron: Accepts responsibility for own health. Acquires knowledge of traditional and alternative medicine.

Neptune sextile Pluto: Live and let live attitude.

Pluto sextile North Node: Understands forces that motivate people. Able to influence others.

Square = (90 degrees) is stress. Superior planet will dominate.

Moon square Saturn: Needs to learn to trust. Rigid with fear. Sarcastic and skeptical. Withholds emotionally. Expects difficulties. Too many expectations placed on in childhood, and develops into an adult who does the same, withholds love for certain expectations or conditions. Lives life feeling left out. Dropping the expectations is key to learning to love unconditionally.

Venus square Ascendant: Continually underestimates personal worth or value because never satisfied with physical beauty or attractiveness. Feels inadequate and not lovable. Appreciates things obtained through struggle and effort because believes must work hard to be lovable. Must learn to love self.

Saturn square Mid-heaven: Aura of authority. Career will demand a certain level of precision. Suitable for government worker, politician, manager, construction, doctor or dentist.

Uranus square Neptune: Rebels against sentimentality, or dreamy ideas. Throws baby out with the bath water. Sells out insights and deeper understanding of compassion and communion because bought into the fight and struggle. The fight is within you, to be loving and compassionate to yourself.

Pluto square Ascendant: Wants power. Arrogant. Demanding. Insensitive. Overly impressed with self righteousness. Believes world is waiting for you to restore it to order. Believes no one should question you. Never backs down when challenged. Love relationships are plagued with power struggles, domination or obligation. Work relationships are plagued with people of authority who will test your reaction under a chain of command. This is not love, at all. Love = no pressure. Develops from child who felt oppressed by an authoritative parent. Gifted at maintaining composure in trying conditions.

Retrogrades (Things we are here to work on, and didn't get right in last lifetime):

Mercury in retrograde: Feels misunderstood. Frustration with miscommunication.

Jupiter in retrograde: Doubts what they deserve. Seeks truth from within.

Saturn in retrograde: Feels not good enough. Feels inadequate. Hides fear. Over-disciplines self.

Neptune in retrograde: Feels guilty. Blames self when things go wrong. Sensitive inside, tough outside mask.

Pluto in retrograde: Here to learn about power struggles. Wrestles with own inner conflicts. Must learn to let go of ego and forgive self.

Houses with planets in retrograde:

1st Lessons about self, appearance and manner.

5th Lessons about having fun, and letting loose.

9th Lessons about attitude.

11th Lessons about friends x 2.