A Taurus Friend  (A 9 page reading)

First Decan Dominant (majority of signs, start within first 10 degrees of sign): Physical aptitude, vitality and practicality.

Outstanding Aspects:

Conjunct is most powerful aspect (within 10 degrees).

Sun is conjunct Chiron: Ability to help others with creative self-expression. Low self-image. Lack of self-worth. Increased sensitivity to criticism.

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter: Talks a lot! Open, enthusiastic, and expressive with wit. Exaggerates. Subtlety is not your strong point. Loves to entertain by story telling. Loves to spread information. Glosses over details, focuses on big picture. Procrastinator.

Mercury is conjunct North Node: Must keep mind active to stay healthy. Exercise your brain power. Good at articulating.

Mars is conjunct Pluto: Stamina and endurance. Strength and determination. “Whatever will be, will be.” is not your motto. You can out-maneuver anyone. All or nothing attitude. Stubborn when pushed. Holds onto resentments. Hard time letting go.

Jupiter is conjunct North Node: Socially popular, good fellowship, and active participation at church and school.

Opposition (170-190 degrees) is second most powerful aspect.

Moon is opposite Mars: Precocious, animated and passionate. Excitable energy. Blunt and easily worked up. Projects a tough image, but actually thin skinned. Many conflicts in relationships.

Moon is opposite Pluto: Feels intensely. Holds deep seated resentments. Holds guilt eternally. Must learn to forgive. Strong urge to share inner most feelings, but simultaneous desire to control them. Craves deep belonging and intimacy, yet controlling, game-playing and manipulating nature sabotages it. Consumed by fear of loss, rejection and betrayal. Rarely reveals vulnerabilities. Hostile and hateful. Sulks, broods and lashes out. Then, baffled when alienates others. Men feel vulnerable around you. Children feel claustrophobic.

Mercury is opposite Mid-heaven: Problems communicating with authority. Needs to get organized and clean up clutter.

Trine (120 degrees) is next most influence of harmony:

Sun trine Saturn: Loyal, responsible, and trustworthy. Cautious with finances. Takes their time. No patience for those who take foolish risks.

Moon trine Mercury: Makes easy conversation. Common sense. Attracted to poetry. Talent in imaginative and expressive writing. Wonderful listener: picks up others' feelings and body language readily. Enjoys talking.

Moon trine Jupiter: Realistic. Quick with humor. Warm and fun. Tolerant. Good hunches. Believes in goodness of people. Attracts good people and circumstances.

Moon trine North Node: Great instincts about public trends and social currents.

Moon trine Chiron: Profound understanding of healing process, however, must start with self. Excellent ability to grasp holistic principles.

Venus trine Saturn: Stable, long-term and committed. Not a risk taker. Cautious with promises because feels obligated to follow-through. Practical. Sense of responsibility toward loved ones. Good judgment. Sensitive to needs of others. Good parent. Encourages children to develop individuality. Wants mutual respect and loyalty in relationship.

Venus trine Neptune: Rich imagination. Romantic, creative, and gentle. Drawn to beauty. Giving and generous. Compassionate.

Saturn trine Neptune: Good balance between realism and intuition. Good at spotting profitability.

Saturn trine Chiron: Learning to let go of regrets is a major theme. Face up to your responsibilities, follow the rules, be humble and gain a sense of purpose.

Uranus trine Mid-heaven: Practical. Good timing.

Sextile (60 degrees) is next influence in harmony:

Mercury sextile Mars: Mind never rests. Loves to learn. Firm in decisions. Means what you say. Direct communicator. Great conversationalist and writer. Ability to make good decisions quickly.

Mars sextile Jupiter: Lightning verbal responses. Loves to spar. Dramatic delivery. Straightforward. Respect for those who stand firm on convictions. Wants honesty and integrity. Needs mentally strong partner to keep up with you.

Mars sextile North Node: Good timing. Able to get peeps to cooperate in your endeavors.

Jupiter sextile Pluto: Penetrating mind and intuition. Spiritual channel. Optimistic. Benefits from spiritual exploration. Serves selflessly. Supports those who are mistreated.

Uranus sextile Ascendant: Ingenious ideas. Fascinated by novelty. Creative original mind. Dislike of routine jobs. Extremely reliable hunches. Genius at finding sources of revenue. New interests each day.

Square (90 degrees) is stress. However, superior planet will dominate.

Sun square Ascendant: You unknowingly say things that cause others to react negatively. Comes on too strong. Inability to face facts about self. Ready for resistance and frustration. Attitude offends people. Lots of energy. Don't try to take everything on alone.

Moon square Venus: Replaces love with food and shopping. Hungers affection: lustful and sensual. Feels as though they do all of the compromising in relationship to keep peace, and builds resentment. Charmed by the idea of being genuinely liked and appreciated.

Mercury square Neptune: Busy, wandering mind. Exceptionally imaginative. Stretches the truth. Reads people well. Bored with dull. Detailed work not for you. Gives up on projects before they begin.

Mercury square Ascendant: Offends people. Nervous energy. Stop talking about your problems with your partner, or anyone who will listen, as this will cause damage to the relationship.

Venus square Mars: Driven by sex life. Highly creative. Prone to love/hate relationships. Turbulence over sex. Relationships have some level of anger, frustration and competitiveness. Gives and receives abuse. Learn to express personal magnetism with love and respect, instead of domineering or submissive extremes. Balance your masculine/feminine energy.

Venus square Pluto: Manipulative. Learn self-worth. Become less concerned how you appear, and more concerned about how you are being.

Jupiter square Neptune: Awkward social skills when young. Creative. Strong desires, passion, and sexual drive. Prone to love-hate relationships. Turbulence in intimate relationships over differences in sexual desires. Level of anger towards relations with opposite sex.

Jupiter square Ascendant: Self indulgent to the extreme. Big ideas. Willing to work hard to achieve objectives, so you can enjoy the comforts and benefits you denied yourself in pursuing goals. Tendency to take on too much. Big heart: can be taken advantage of. Knows how to fraternize with important people. Tendency to overstate or understate intentions, which offends people or goes unnoticed.

Saturn square Uranus: Explosive with restraints that appear to prevent independence. Radical, disruptive and violent against perceived limitations. Stems from fear of leaving familiar because inwardly insecure. Work on slow ongoing transformations, because sudden shifts are likely to leave you with a loss of how to manage.

Uranus square Pluto: Time bomb: denies self opportunity for change and growth and internal pressures burst.

Neptune in 7th house square Mid-heaven: Extreme insecurity and self doubt. Places partners needs before own. If partner becomes ill, you become drained from co-dependency. If partner has low self-esteem, you will sabotage your own career. If partner is gifted, you will not feel worthy of your career. Stay away from negative, angry people. You suffer too easily from this exposure.

Retrogrades (Things we are here to work on, and didn't get right in last lifetime):

Venus retrograde: Difficulty in finding the right partner. Here to learn how to love and be loved. Giving and receiving affection.

Saturn in retrograde: Feels not good enough. Feels inadequate. Hides fear. Over-disciplines self.

Neptune in retrograde: Feels guilty. Blames self when things go wrong. Sensitive inside, tough outside mask.

These planets in retrograde form a perfect trine.

Houses with planets in retrograde:

2nd Lessons about possessions.

7th Lessons about relationships.

11th Lessons about friends.