I am a member of the Boca Raton Toastmasters, Club #3299.

Link to Club website:  http://bocaratontoastmasters.org/

Link to District 47 website: http://www.toastmastersd47.org/

Link to International Toastmasters website: http://www.toastmasters.org/

                                             Everybody has a story.  What is yours?

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CC Speech #1  Ice Breaker  "It's All in a Name"

CC Speech #2   Organize your Speech  "Carrots & Sticks"

CC Speech #3   Get to The Point  "The Gift"

CC Speech #4    How to Say It   "Death: The Great Disguise"

CC Speech #5    Your Body Speaks   "India Part 1"

CC Speech #6   Vocal Variety  "Tired, Hungry, Horny, Broke"

CC Speech #7   Reasearch Your Topic    "Indai Part 2"


CC  Speech #8   Visual Aids     "The Power of Color"


CC Speech #9  Persuade with Power     " U R GOD"


CC Speech #10    Inspire your Audience   "The Steam of Well Being"

Entertaining Speech #2 Resources  "Family  Car Stickers"

Entertaining Speech #1 Entertain  "Farting"