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The Study of Design = What makes something beautiful?

Design is the art of seeing.  (How to identify and create beauty in all things.)

A Designer learns how to "see" by studying composition in all types of medium (drawing, painting, photography, etc.).

A composition (painting, building, garment, product, etc.) is beautiful when it combines the elements of design (form, scale, color, texture, pattern, and light) 

with the principles of design (balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast and proportion).

Finally, a Designer draws as a tool to convey their ideas, visually.

"Time spent deepening and broadening my visual sensitivity (doing art and being creative) is a spiritual teaching.  

When I resonate with something of beauty, I am one with it."    --- Amanda Hart


                                                                                                                                       Me blowing my nose.

                                                                                                                                        A tissue is pasted

                                                                                                                                          on the drawing.

4 Years Old (Nursery School)


Pencil Sketches

14 Years Old  (9th Grade)


                                                                              2 hours                            5 hours (all Zesta pages)


                                                                       7 hours                                     5 hours                                                  5 hours                                       5 hours



              4 hours  20 minutes                               1 hour                                        4 hours                                 4 hours  30 minutes                         5 hours  45 minutes



             6 hours  30 minutes                             5 hours                       4 hours  30  minutes                           4 hours                                5 hours                   4 hours                                                                           


          4 hours                       Self Portrait Sketch              Self Portrait 40 hours                Self Portrait

Pencil Sketches

15 Years Old (10th Grade)


        2 minutes                                2 minutes                                  2 minutes                         9 minutes                          2 minutes                          9 minutes    


          1 minute                             2 minutes                            1 minute                      7 minutes               7 minutes                   16 minutes                      13 minutes


        11 minutes                                   ?

Rapid Speed Drawing


15 Years Old (10th Grade)


Engineering a 3 part Cube


Mechanical Pencils on Clearprint,  Blueprints with Colored Pencil Shading, Blueprints with Colored Vellum Shading

Isometric, and Perspective Drafting

16 Years Old (11th Grade)


Marketing and Advertising

16 Years Old (11th Grade)


Black and White

Ink and Charcoal

17 Years Old (12th Grade)




Colored Pencil, Pastel, Watercolor, Oil and Colored Paper.

17 Years Old (12th Grade)


Pencil and Charcoal

19 Years Old (College Freshman)

                        1 minute                               2 minutes                                2 minutes             2 minutes                   5 minutes                      1 minute                   1 minute



         2 minutes                       7 minutes                                                                11 minutes                                     10 minutes                              10 minutes


         2 minutes                             2 minutes                       7 minutes                7 minutes                      7 minutes                        3 minutes                   11 minutes


                   7 minutes                                  9 minutes                 16 minutes           15 minutes            15 minutes         13 minutes                      11 minutes


               15 minutes                                     16 minutes                                      8 minutes                               7 minutes                 12 minutes            12 minutes

Rapid Speed Drawing

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


        Magazine Gray Scale                                                                        Full, Heavy, Over-Loaded              Surprise, Unaware, Sudden                Expanding, Controlled                         


       Quiet, Organized, Aware                 Full, Heavy, Over-Loaded                    Conflict, Tension                    Directed, Fast, Energetic


Black and White Design

Magazine Paper, Acrylic and Ink

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


Black and White Photography

Hand Developed Film and Prints

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


  Won Best Interior Design (Layout of Space) in Class

Drafting and Interior Design 1

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


                         Color Value Scale                                  Color changing appearance of Size.              "First seen" colors


   Shapes and Colors in Context


            Colors in Context.                                                                             Colors shift relative to their background.                              Color Mixing

Color Theory

Colored Paper on Acrylic

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


                  Saturated Complimentary Colors Vibrate                               4 compositions that work as 1                           Repeated Composition



    Composition in Magazine Paper and Painted Dots                           Time Elapse Sequence, Colored Pencil



         Natural Event in Colored Magazine Paper  


                                                                                                                                                                              Won Best Freshman Mixed Media

Color Design

Colored Paper, Fabric, Acrylic and Colored Pencil

19 Years Old (College Freshman)


Interior Illustration


19 Years Old (College Freshman)

  Under Construction.  More coming soon.