My Father's Artwork

 A Fine Art Automotive Collection

By professional artist John Satterthwaite

My father was the son of an automotive engineer. He became intricately familiar with cars at his father's garage where he learned to repair, sell, and race cars.

With a Master's of Fine Arts from the University of Art, PA, he combined his passion for antique cars with his desire to illustrate in watercolor. 

The bulk of his career was illustrating cars for renowned antique car collectors. He traveled the world in research of the automotive industry. 

His work has been acknowledged by "The DeSoto Club", "The Rolls-Royce Foundation", "The Smithsonian Museum", 

the Rockefeller's, "The Edsel Ford's Mansion", "The Vicary and Towe Museums", and "The Antique Automobile Club of America".

Today, he and his wife are retired and live in LaFayettte Hill, PA.