Vision Board Social

          Children to Know their Value Now




   Completely Accepting of Myself and Others      



                   Others to Benefit from Us Being Together      



                           Enjoying Just Being

           In A Constant State of Appreciation

                          for All That Is 



                         Deep, Restful, Rejuvenating,  

                        Sleep for All



               People Feeling So Good...

            they never want to take guns

                  and kill one another.


                                  My Path Lighting Up        



                   Waking Up Eager for the New Day



                 Knowing Help Is on the Way            


                        Safely Guided

               around and through Traffic 


                 Respect for Mother Earth


               To be, who I was born to be.          


                  Pure Positive Energy, 

                   Has It's Gaze on Me,

                        At All Times.




              Being ok with myself, when I am not at my best,

          because like the ocean, I have ebb and flow, too.


                               Better at inviting challenges... 

                  as questions to which I seek answers,

               rather than problems that need solutions.



                            God is always flowing 

                            to me and through me.

                                              Way More Fun


                    Accepting that art studios,            

         tool shops, and renovation projects

             where creativity is unfolding,

                        can be messy.


             Riding on a Magic Carpet of Momentum 


                        Keeping My Promises to Myself.

           Demanding Integrity from Myself.


          Looking for Reasons to Feel Good



                                 Taking good care of me. 



                Being a good example for other young women.


                         Great Timing



           People I Really Want to Work With!


                Being brilliant at what I do,

       and being able to deliver what people want.

  Fast recovery to changes and life's distractions